Bad Ass Beauty



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LaQuinta has been performing all of her life in various bands and professional situations, including studio sessions and concerts.  Influenced by the numerous hardships and disappointments endured from being a strong minded woman in the throes of sexual harassment, misogyny, misrepresentation, painful love relationships, difficult family dynamics and the like, she began writing her own material to birth the upcoming album 4 Horsemen. 

This previously unreleased version of 4 Horsemen was turned into a rock opera that was accepted into the 2018 New York Musical Festival. Prince also starred in the show to rave reviews, including Jack Bowman’s for Theatermania stating, matter of factly:  “Prince’s fantastic music is really hers” and “a truly talented rock band and star,” sums up perfectly the impact this music can and will make. 

In 2020 she established her operation in Los Angeles, CA and is finally ready to release the debut single Me on February 24, 2023, and the full album, 4 Horsemen in the fall of 2023 to the world.  As a black indie artist Prince aims to change the landscape of rock music one step, one click, one fan and one dynamic show at a time. 

She’s ready. Are you?  



Detailed Contact


Bad Ass Beauty (LaQuinta Prince) - All Vocals co writer/producer

                            (Anthony Gemignani) - Guitar co-writer/producer

Recorded at All Star Music Empire in Flemington, NJ

Genre  Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock/Soul

Locale  Los Angeles, CA


Phone  908-463-3223